About Us

UndertheLeaf Designs was founded in New Hampshire by two artist/designers (a talented mother and daughter team) wanting to design products that inspire nature's beauty, provide products that are locally and ethically made along with being eco conscious.  We believe inspiration can be achieved by color, texture, design, pattern and function. Products should make you feel good about yourself, or be a beautiful unique gift for someone you care about.

We are artisans and makers and we do hand painting of botanicals, abstracts and other designs in mixed media and print our products on over 35 different fabrics. With these fabrics we then design all of our patterns, and make scarves, handbags, belts and other fun accessories ensuring the highest quality of colors, fabrics and workmanship. We sell direct and are in curated galleries, gift shops and boutiques on a consignment or wholesale basis.

Products at UndertheLeafDesigns continue to grow with this year and we continue to experiment in new techniques, new designs and new fabrics including vegan leathers and some amazing textured fabrics.  

We enjoy experimenting in fresh designs and are always looking at trends, colors and street styles (see our pinterest boards) . At any given time in the studio we have up to 10 fresh designs in the works so check back often for new designs. Though we enjoy watching fashion and color trends for new ideas your bag or accessory will always be a classic. We color match all of our products so you can build a collection. A painted scarf or wristlet today will go with bags you buy today or in the future.  We gain much of our inspiration from nature! 

At UndertheLeaf we are committed to giving back and helping many immediate needs we have in our communities today. To this end we support buying and manufacturing locally in the USA to support local employment and to grow our communities. We are also committed to helping the homeless across America. For our direct to consumer sales, we give 10% of the proceeds to our selected charities helping America's homeless.

We hope you enjoy our products. You can be assured of excellent craftsmanship and quality, authentic customer satisfaction (we really do go out of our way to keep you happy). We want you to treasure an item that is unique, artistic, classic and not massed produced that will inspire you to uniquely "Be the very best version of You."

Thanks for stopping by our site. We love to hear and welcome your many comments ( send to UndertheLeafDesigns@gmail.com). 

All the Best,

The team at UndertheLeafDesigns